The Children’s Park of Chestnut Hill, better known as Jenks Playground, was built in an 11-day community effort in 1997 after months of planning and fundraising. Jenks Playground is well known as a leafy haven in which children delight to run and play. 

The playground is maintained by an all-volunteer Friends of the Children’s Park board, rather than the School District of Philadelphia. Without continued community support, the playground could not survive as the important play space and visitor destination it is. Recently, with help from the Friends of Jenks, the Chestnut Hill BID, and your donations, the play structures received a handsome facelift: It was completely stained and resealed by Ryan Painting Co. This ensures that the structure will stay healthy and strong for years to come. Thanks to a recent donation from the Nielsen Foundation, FOCP has been able to begin some much needed repair work.

A Little Background